About Us

Our Director


Lillian Vasilj

First let us start with how to pronounce Lillian’s surname! Basically the J is silent! So Vasil – no J!

A woman who wears many hats: Stylist, Project Manager, Problem Solver, Colour Consultant, Organiser, Motivator, Leader, Wife, Mother, Daughter – she is Stylepoint’s very own superwoman. Lillian will tell you it’s been her life’s work to help people live beautifully and to help them realise the potential of their homes. Endless ideas pour out of her with questions like ‘What is the purpose of this space?’ ‘Who lives here?’ ‘What makes them happy?’ ‘What’s their story?’ featuring regularly during her consultations. She has a gift with respect to spatial awareness and can tell you in a split second what she sees for the room. She speaks ‘tradie’ fluently which makes project management a breeze. She just gets it!

When you ask Lillian what she values most, the list is long! This is because she appreciates every interaction, every person, every object and every story that she comes across. Undeniably her top three are her Family (husband Mick and boys Mitchell and Andy), Love and all that it brings, and of course Style! An open book, a creator, a thinker, a sharer – she does not shy away from open discussion, action and feedback.

Lillian really just wants to help everyone live in a home that allows them to feel loved and welcomed and that is the philosophy behind Stylepoint. She wants to assist people who are selling to be organised, proactive, and ready to do the best they can with their time, budget and energy to ensure their property is the best version of itself come auction day. She truly excels in the re-style – to address the issues that you just haven’t had the time to or had a clue what to do. She adds, subtracts, places and hangs art where it can be a admired and most importantly gives the home the respect it deserves.

A great teacher and sharer, if you trust Lillian to create what she sees, you will have made the smartest investment of your life.

Meet the Team

nat profile

Natalie Skubel

Our Executive Assistant Superstar

A respected and dedicated Apparel industry specialist, with a range of expertise across Product Design and Development; from many years at Country Road, Nat has now joined our team as the Executive Assistant to our Director and as a consultant and mentor. She has already shifted the Stylepoint vision to the next level with her experience in Operations and Transformative Organisational change. She can recognise potential and loves to implement change with her innovative mindset. Her strategic management and organisational skills (and her generous heart) are a welcome addition to Stylepoint HQ. Nat has leadership and coaching skills to boot, sharing her fundamental knowledge with the team, our culture has never been better and our clients never happier! and guess what? She’s a damn good stylist too.



The Crew

Many hands make light work and that is the case at Stylepoint!
Our young, enthusiastic and vibrant team, who help our stylists turn their vision for a property into a reality, are second to none. From our gifted assistants to our skillful drivers and careful packers, the team relish any challenge set to them. The game of styling is fast-paced and ever changing so we are lucky to have such a positive and flexible team, who go above and beyond for our clients.