Our Story

Our Story

It’s often hard to separate Lillian from Stylepoint because one doesn’t exist without the other! Originally studying philosophy and
criminology at University, it became apparent when Lillian began re-arranging furniture and re-styling the classroom during tutorials that
perhaps her calling was in the world of interior design.

Lillian set about renovating properties with her husband (you may have heard her refer to him as MacGyver!) and then helping them put their houses back together. She loved giving people ideas on what and where to place furniture within the house and soon enough began styling houses more often than not. One day Lillian received a phone call from her slightly worried husband asking where their couch, dining chairs and a few pieces of art were! And so that’s how Stylepoint started! From the humble confines of the Vasilj’s family home to the large warehouse we currently operate out of.

Today we have grown and we are only getting bigger and better. We are bright, ambitous, have a great sense of humour and are articulate in the way in which we communicate with all we come into contact with. We care about the people we work with and how they feel and think during the process. We are strong, transparent and most of all love love love what we do.

Welcome to the Stylepoint family!

Stylepoint Mission Statement

Stylepoint gets style

We will help you showcase your home through the buyer’s eye, promoting livability and lifestyle.
Because we believe everyone should live beautifully. Because we are good at what we do.
Because we care. You won’t have a worry in the world with Stylepoint in the house.

We Value


  • we do what we say we’re going to do
  • we deliver


  • we provide an excellent service
  • we work to timelines and budgets
  • we are friendly and polite


  • in our service
  • in how we treat you
  • in the products we use


  • we respect each other and all thoughts, values, beliefs
  • we will communicate clearly, we hope you will too

We’re Real

  • we’re ideas
  • we’re problem solvers
  • we’re so much more than fluffy cushions
  • we care about the work we do and how you feel

Stylepoint are real people. We are ideas. We are problem solvers. We are so much more than fluffy cushions and shaggy rugs.
We care about the work we do. We care about how you feel. We want you to live in your dream home!

We want you to live in your dream home

Love where you live

To help you add more value to your home. As leaders in our field, we can show you how it could be.