How to pull off a sleek and sophisticated interior

How to pull off a sleek and sophisticated interior: Tips and Inspiration

Loving that sleek modern apartment look these days? Let’s be honest, we’re all lusting over this look these days and everyday! Let’s give you tips and ideas, to make you think you’re walking into an Upper East Side apartment with Chuck Bass!

Always have a starting point to work off

If you’re looking at creating a sophisticated interior, but not sure where to start, our biggest tip would have to be to start off with a base colour palette, and of course this is a monochrome palette! If you have black and whites as your base, you’re already set for a timeless design.

A monochrome design, is always timeless, classic and elegant, oh and did we mention easy to work with?!

Silver style

Adding colour to a Monochrome space

The good thing about starting off with a monochrome base is because it’s very easy to add whichever colour you want into the picture. Keeping the your sleek design flowing, try to choose a colour that’s mature and strong. This will compliment the monochrome design, and blend in, rather than stick out and take away all the attention.

A sophisticated interior can be created with loads of colour, but to keep it simple and easily achievable, a black and white palette is highly recommended and won’t date quickly.


Let’s accessorise your space

When we think of sleek and sophisticated, we think simplicity and a minimal design. Onsite, if we’re working with a more sophisticated space, we think quality over quantity – “less is more”.

Be careful as you don’t want to overcrowd your space. Try to keep everything minimal, from artwork to accessories.


We love the work done by Tamizo. Photo credit goes to their amazing work.