Let’s bring texture into our lives


Let’s bring texture into our lives 

Texture and Colour Become One 

Don’t be afraid to work outside your comfort zone. If you want that dramatic over the top wallpaper, go and get it! Sometimes when you’ve got something that controlling all you need is some balance to tone the room down, but still keeping that feature wall the main attraction. Choose a colour from that wallpaper to use throughout the rest of your room. Because sometimes sticking to one main feature colour, keeps the room in order.

You can often have so many colours in your room, but still not enough warmth. Bringing in a touch of texture can fill a room up. So sometimes all you need to do is bring everything together with a simple yet effective feature to balance out your space to give it a mood and purpose.

When styling your room, ask yourself these key questions:

– How do you want to feel when walking into your bedroom?

– What do you want to see?

Sometimes plain is simply dull and boring, and all we want to do is feel some warmth within a space. Adding some texture to a room can change SO MUCH within a space.


Let’s work beyond adding a karate chop on a bed. Ok so we admit that sometimes a cushion with a little bit of character can be the right touch. But hey, sometimes that cushion may need a throw as a friend; this gives it a different look and completes the bed. Be generous and give your cushion a friend.

Who doesn’t want a stylish friend?



If you’re taken the first step and are waltzing past being afraid of adding something just temporary into a room, add in wallpaper. Yes it’s more of a commitment, but hey, nothing says WOW like a wallpaper to fill a room up and add some warmth and character.

If you’re like me, and don’t like to mix up too many patterns, stick to using elements from the wallpaper design, this will keep the flow going within the space, creating consistency.