Nancy’s TOP 10 Style Tips


Lure them inside with the view from the road…
First impressions count and that starts from your property’s exterior. The strategy is to make as much impact on the outside so that potential buyers will be tempted into checking out what’s on the inside!

So what can you do?

  • Mow the lawn
    If not, hire a landscaper to make your yard appealing.


  • Revamp your windows
    If they’re still in good condition, wash them and paint them.


  • Clean, paint and replace gutters and down pipes
    No one wants to see rusty gutters

  • Tidy up your front porch and entry
    This is the entry point – make it welcoming. Something as simple as washing down the surfaces, clearing cobwebs and replacing the light fixtures works a treat.


  • Paint your homes exterior. Pick a contemporary and neutral colour
    If you do just one thing –THIS is what will make that ever important and ever lasting first impression.

But it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.


We’ll be honest here. You’ll need more than just a quick spring clean  to woo potential buyers. You want them to visualise themselves living in every space of your home.
So how can we make potential buyers walk away impressed with your interior space?

  • Go Minimalist

Remove excess furniture to create a free following space.

  • De-Personalise

Remove personal items such as family photos, so that buyers will easily imagine their own lives living here as they walk through and visualize.
Tidy all storage spaces within your house
From cupboards  down to your wardrobes, ensure that all these spaces and neat and tidy.

  • Dress your floors

Is it tired or dated? If you can install new carpet, one with a neutral colour tone or simply a floor rug. This is an easy solution that easily can make a dramatic impact.

  • Paint it!

Ok we know we said this before. But a small investment in paint can bring you a huge return. It’s such a simple step to add a new touch of colour on the walls. This simple step makes your property look fresh, clean and gives the impression that the property is well maintained.


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