Stylepoint Frequently asked questions

Why use a Property Stylist?

Property Styling is a great way to enable as many purchasers as possible to visualise your current home or investment property as THEIR new home. When a property is furnished and styled, they can begin to see their own items in the same places we have placed them. They quickly begin to feel an attachment to the property which then builds on the need and desire for them to purchase it!

How does it work?

You can contact us via our website, or call us to make an appointment for an onsite quote. 

One of our amazing Styling Team or even our Director Lillian will come out to meet you and check out your property. We’ll make some notes on the floor plan and take heaps of photos.

A Quotation will then be sent to you outlining costs and including a copy of our Furniture Schedule and our Terms and Conditions.

If you are happy you can accept this quotation online and then your installation is scheduled in the calendar and paperwork will be sent to you.

How about Payment?

Payments are usually due 48 hours prior to installation.  Our Invoices will allow you to deposit funds electronically, directly to our account, (EFT) we also accept Credit Card payments (with a small surcharge), Cash and Cheques.

What is included in your Styling Packages?

All our styling Packages include, installation and Styling /Restyling, of your Property, Furniture rentals for a 6 week period and the cost to empty your property once the Campaign is completed.

What is the “Campaign Period”?

The Campaign Period is the time we allow for the Furniture to remain in your Property. This is generally 6 weeks from the Date of your Photos, and is Clearly defined on the Stylepoint Authority we send to you to sign prior to installation and payment.

The average Real Estate Campaign period is 4 -4.5 weeks from your first open for inspection to your Auction. This 6 week period allows 5-7 days from when  Photos are taken, then selected and your property to become live on the Real Estate Agencies website and then 3-4 days post Auction for you to catch your breath.

What if we don’t sell at auction?

Your Campaign will officially end on the date stated on the Stylepoint Authority, (under “Campaign Period”), however it is usually no problem if you need to extend this. 

Our Terms and Conditions, sent to you with our quotation, will state the Weekly Rental fee (plus GST) should your Campaign expire. Just give us a call and we can easily work out a solution for your unique situation.

How long does it take to style my property?

This depends on a number of factors, including, Location, Access, and any Renovations that may be in progress.

Generally it takes anywhere from 3 hours to a full day (or even longer for larger properties), for our team to install and completely style your property. As a rule we like to have time to plan, select stock, and then have uninterrupted access to your property to complete the installation as efficiently as possible.

Is there anything you don’t include in your packages?

We do not supply white goods including fridges and washing machines, as part of the package, however we are happy to recommend a supplier for you to rent or purchase these items should you wish.

How long do we keep the furniture for?

Our Campaign Periods are generally for 6 weeks, so you will have the furniture for 6 weeks or until the property is Sold, whichever is sooner.

What does it all cost?

As each property is unique, we price on a case by case basis, however for a guide on Styling properties please refer to our Styling Packages.

What if the property sells before auction?

You must advise us via email as soon as the property sells. Please note that no rebate applies should the property sell prior to auction, however we need to ensure all our items are removed prior to the property settling.

If we have to remove items from our home, where can we store them?

We have a great relationship with a number of storage facilities around Melbourne. We will gladly recommend one that is most suited to your location.

What do I do with my personal belongings staying at the house?

It is really important to De-Clutter and De-personalise your home. Tidy away and pack up any unnecessary items, pare down your wardrobe to what you are actually wearing this season and put away personal photographs, you want buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls, and they can’t do that if yours are there! Most importantly pack away any family heirlooms, or anything of sentimental value, these are the last things you want to go missing from your property

How do you hang artwork?

We use standard hooks and nails when hanging artwork on plaster walls, to guarantee the stability and safety of both the artwork and your property. In some cases, with concrete walls (common in houses that a little older) we may be required to use a drill, plugs and screws.  

We have a dedicated professional crew, experienced in hanging and installing all different kinds of art. 

We want your property to be shown at it’s best, and Artwork goes a long way to making a house feel like a home! If you are concerned just speak with us and we can come up with a solution for you.

Do you clean my property?

We can provide a cleaner for you at additional costs, if required, as stated in our Terms and Conditions we really do need your property to be Cleaned prior to our teams arriving so once we complete installation and styling everything is prepped and ready for Photography to take place.

Do I have to insure your items while they are at my property?

Stylepoint has a comprehensive insurance policy that ensures all our items are covered whilst at your property. When you sign and return our authority this automatically activates both our insurance policy and covers our team whilst they are working at your property.

Are flowers included in my package?

We will provide flowers for you as part of your Styling/Restyling package, these will be arranged just prior to photography, however they will need to be removed along with any other perishable items (fruit and herbs used in Styling) by you, the client. 

Should you wish Stylepoint to do this for you, our “Live Lovely” packages can provide you with everything from a weekly property walk through, and refresh of flowers and perishables to additional services including cleaning and mowing if required.

We can also use fake flowers, herbs and fruit for your installation if you are not able to replace fresh items and do not wish these to be replaced weekly.

What happens if there is a break in or damage done to the property or Stylepoints items?

Please contact us as soon as you are aware of either situation. If damage occurs to your property from weather for example please let us know so we can arrange a time with you to fix any issues and replace styling items if required. Depending on the scale of the damage we may need to make an Insurance claim so may need to take photos and create a log of items.

In the case of a burglary we will need to take photos for our insurance company and will need to create a  log of missing items. We will also need a copy of the Police report for our Insurance company.

What happens if the Stylepoint team causes any damage at my property?

We are extremely careful on all our installs and empties, however occasionally mishaps occur.

We take full responsibility for any damage caused directly by us or our representatives and will make good on any repairs that are required.

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