When you choose to work with Stylepoint, you will be collaborating with a truly talented team of professionals who are committed, caring and at the forefront of current trends in style and design. We just get it.

Our team know what it takes to bring your inspired vision into reality. Stylepoint know the importance of colour, textures, space, furniture and how these elements work together to completely transform a room or space.

Every home is uniquely different and this is only complicated further when you need to live in your home whilst it is on the market. We can help you declutter and revitalise your spaces creating a superb home that can be maintained and made Open for Inspection ready simply and easily.

We have an expert team of Project Managers ready to take on your maintenance project. We can do it all from a simple makeover to a full renovation. We are fabulous at Timeline management and have relationships with a wide assortment of Trades and Professionals. We will work with you to maximise your budget and achieve a Sale ready home.

Wanting to achieve that stunning interior for your home that you've seen on Pinterest or in a magazine? It can be overwhelming knowing how to go about choose the right colours, furniture or artwork to suit the look and feel you are after. If you are after professional advice and direction from Design professionals who know what works, then we are here for you.

Nobody enjoys packing up to move to a new home and then having to unpack it all again. We can offer you a full relocation service, including sorting and packing your items prior to the move, moving you to your new home, and even unpacking for you at the other end. We provide boxes and packaging materials as part of this end to end service.

Our weekly Property Care packages are just one of the ways we provide you with ongoing support throughout your Sales Campaign. We can refresh florals, replace perishables, have your property professionally cleaned, and even take care of the lawns and garden for you.

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